Responsible of protecting your Personal Information

As foreseen in the “FEDERAL LAW on Protection of Personal Data” CLOUD4WH S.A. DE C.V. states to be a company legally established in accordance with Mexican laws, located in Durango 195-5th floor, 06700, Col. Roma Norte, Del. Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, and also states to be in charge of handling your personal information.

How to contact us?

In our privacy office located at Durango 195-5th floor, 06700, Col. Roma Norte, Del. Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City
Telephone Number: +(52) 55 7601-5372

Purposes for Personal Information gathered

ACLOUD4WH (Nuash) gathers, uses, stores, and transfers your personal information to, as far as applicable laws allow, carry out the following:

  • Promoting our services and software
  • Schedule an appointment to show a demo and explain our software.
  • Following up on software sales and installation procedures in order to reach customer satisfaction.
  • Contracted services or services to be contracted.
  • Consultancy and support on our software over the phone or in person.
  • Making the development of a New product or service public.
  • Sending out invitations to a new Event or Expo (via email, over the phone, through our website or a social network).
  • Sending emails to show appreciation and/or to congratulate.
  • Encouraging our customers to write an article for a magazine and authorize publishing it.
  • Delivering packages or gifts to companies. Letting everyone know about a New customer.
  • Taking pictures and/or video and conducting interviews with our customers.
  • For payment and/or collecting purposes.

Gathered information and means to obtain Personal Information

1. Website:
Through our new means of contact:
Employment purposes: through our new means of contact on our website, we can contact you to offer our services, schedule an appointment, or for any question you may have about Data Science and Machine Learning for warehouses; and for marketing purposes: by inviting you to sign up to our Nuash Newsletter.

  • Data 1: Name (required)
  • Data 2: e-mail (required)
  • Data 3: Company
  • Data 4: Job position
  • Data 5: Telephone number
  • Data 6: Message
  • Data 1: (checkbox) Option to sign up to our newsletter

2. Over the phone, via email, or directly participating in Expos:

  • Full Name
  • Job position
  • e-mail
  • Company
  • Company Address
  • Telephone number
  • Nationality
  • Amount of m² your warehouse holds


Information that is gathered by CLOUD4WH (Nuash) through other sources allowed by the law are phone and work directories, the internet, and Data Bases (for people who have already signed up) that are previously sent to us by Expos in which we participated.

  • Full Name
  • Job position
  • e-mail
  • Company
  • Company Address
  • Telephone number
  • Nationality

Personal Information Safety

CLOUD4WH (Nuash) will implement safety, technical, administrative, and physical measures needed to protect your personal information and to keep it from being harmed, altered, destroyed, used, accessed, or misused without authorization.

Only authorized staff that has fulfilled and observed the corresponding confidentiality requirements will be able to use your information for purposes other than those established herein. Confidentiality obligation for people using your personal information remains even after ending relations with CLOUD4WH (Nuash).

Mechanisms to exercise ARCO rights

You, as the personal information holder before the CLOUD4WH (Nuash), Personal Information Security Committee, have rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition regarding the use of your personal information. Additionally, you will be able to revoke, at any given time, consent you may have granted and that was necessary to use your personal information. Here is a brief description of these rights:

1. Access to your Personal Information:   Through your right for access you will be able to request information on how your personal information is being used by CLOUD4WH (Nuash), where this information came from and any communication that took place with it.

2. Rectify your personal Information:   By virtue of the rectification right, you may request any corrections or complements on your personal information that may be incorrect or incomplete and that are held by CLOUD4WH (Nuash). You will have the obligation to inform CLOUD4WH (Nuash) if any change or correction in your personal information is needed, that any of these adjustments are done under your consent.

3. Cancel your Personal Information:   When your personal information is no longer necessary for its original purposes, you may request for it to be cancelled in case it is still in the CLOUD4WH (Nuash) database. The cancellation process will follow a blocking period through which your information will only be stored for some time that equals to a prescription period for actions that gave place to the use of your personal information or the period established by law. There are cases in which personal information cannot be cancelled by law disposition.

4. Oppose by a legitimate cause to the Use of your Personal Information and/or:   You may oppose to the use of your personal information when there is a legitimate cause, even after consenting to it.

Revoke your consent to Use your Personal Information at any given time in order to stop using it. This right shall be in writing and shall provide, if it is the case, New Personal Information.

The aforementioned rights can be exercised by presenting a request in writing and in Spanish or English that can be submitted free of charge at Durango 195-5th floor, 06700, Col. Roma Norte, Del. Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, or for more information call to our telephone number: +(52) 55 7601-5372, or send an email to

Your request shall indicate Full Name (name(s) and last name(s)) a plain copy of your official ID or, by electronic means, a digital version of it (scanned), indicating your email or physical address you assign for notifications and a contact telephone number. The period to address your request will be no more than 20 calendar days from the day in which we receive your request for access, rectification, cancellation, or opposition. We clarify that it is the Federal Institute for Access to Information and Data Protection who is in charge of safeguarding your ARCO rights and regulating and verifying Law enforcement.

National and International Information Transfer

Your personal information may be transferred and used in and out of the Mexican United States by people outside the company. In this sense, your information may be shared with our technological partners.

Online Information

We inform you that when you access our Website, information is received on our end regarding your:

Cookies are text files that are automatically downloaded and stored in the hard drive of the user’s computer when browsing a specific Website and they allow for storing in the Internet server certain information, such as preferred websites and some codes and passwords. Users are not personally identified through Cookies, only their computers.

Web Beacons are images put on websites or emails that can be used to monitor a visitor’s behavior, such as storing information on the users IP address, the time they took to interact on the website and the type of browser being used, among others. Users will be able to change their options through their computers and/or browsers to stop enabling cookies and/or web beacons or to confirm if they enable them or not.

Modifications to the present privacy notice

CLOUD4WH S.A. DE C.V. reserves the right to modify or update the content of This Notice at any time. Any modification that takes place will be available to the public through some or all of the following means: our website, social networks, email, over the telephone, or personally by meeting with our consultants.